External Audit Coordination Team

Responsibility for UC Davis external audit coordination was delegated to Audit and Management Advisory (AMAS) in 2010. (Accounting and Financial Services continues to have oversight responsibility for the annual campus financial and Federal single audits.) AMAS operates within the UC Internal Audit Manual framework for managing external audits to provide consistent and comprehensive oversight.  This is what you can expect:

  • Primary Liaison – A central point of contact for both internal and external parties

  • Communications, meetings and auditor logistics

  • Coordinate University personnel and resources

  • Manage information/data requests

  • Assist in resolving questions and issues

  • Report external audit activity to campus leadership

  • Follow-up on agreed to corrective actions

  • Provide guidance to UC Davis personnel on the audit process.

  • Maintain a complete and accurate file of the external audit.

The benefits of external audit oversight by AMAS are many.

  • Consistency in approach and presentation of information and data.

  • Communication of the audit activities and needs;  Avoid duplicative requests.

  • Connection with various campus communities and individuals both as coordinator and resource.

For the campus as a whole, we provide assurance that external audits are handled in a professional and consistent matter to the extent the campus has control over the audit process. We are able to recognize potential issues that arise during the external reviews, and advise departments on how to address them and ensure we send a unified message about our policies, procedures and practices to external agencies. Our coordination has been invaluable in large scale audits performed by agencies such as NSF.